About Me


About the Artist, Lauren Heimbaugh

I am a St. Louis area artist who specializes in colored pencil pet portraits. At an early age my dream of becoming a vet was crushed when I realized there was more to the job than just snuggling with puppies. Devastated, I turned to my coloring books for comfort. Years passed, and my affinity for art and animals only grew stronger, culminating in a job that takes advantage of both. 

This site is dedicated to sharing the pieces of art I am working on, from the nerdy drawings done for my pure enjoyment, to the pet portraits I have been lucky enough to be asked to create for others.

When I'm not drawing, I spends my time delving deep into the entertainment world. I loves movies, video games, books, comics, and writing about all these things on the website middleofrow.com.

Last, but not least, go Cards!